Kennett Housing Authority

Regular meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon, at the Housing Authority at 900 Kennett.

Sharron Gargas, Director

ADDRESS: 900 Kennett St.
PHONE: 573-888-4612
PHONE(TDD): 573-888-4613

Freddie Graham, Chairperson

ADDRESS: 712 Michael St.
PHONE: 573-888-1654

Alvin Haywood

ADDRESS: 1508 Pickens Dr.
PHONE: 573-888-2138

Flo Colhouer

ADDRESS: 200 W. Washington
PHONE: 573-888-1085

Daren Robertson

ADDRESS: 607 First St.
PHONE: 573-888-2006

Roland Johnson

ADDRESS: 940 Riggs St.
PHONE: 573-888-9809